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America's Cup Team: Luna Rossa

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The Luna Rossa Challenge is based in Italy and represents the Circolo della Vela Sicilia sailing club who is the 'Challenger of Record' for the 36th America's Cup. Luna Rossa won the Louis Vuitton Cup once and is reaching for the America's Cup now.

Luna Rossa Team wins trophy

(last updated: 08/2018)

Skipper & Executive Director

  • Max Sirena

Captain, Helms/Tacticians

  • Simeon Tienpont (Boat Captain/Grinder)
  • Francesco Bruni
  • Chris Draper
  • Adam Minoprio


  • Pierluigi de Felice
  • Manuel Modena (Trimmer & Grinder)
  • Alister Richardson (Wing Trimmer)

Luna Rossa Team wins sailing yacht race


  • Bora Gulari (Performance/Afterguard)
  • Pietro Sibello (Speed Coach/Trimmer)
  • Benjamin Durham (Team Coordinator)


  • Shannon Falcone
  • Emanuelle Marino
  • Gilberto Nobili (Grinder/Performance)


  • Marco Mercuriali

Luna Rossa website

Images/Photos: courtesy of Luna Rossa