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America's Cup Team: Emirates Team New Zealand

Emirates Team New Zealand is based in Auckland, New Zealand and represents the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in the America's Cup. The team was founded in 1993. In 1995 under Sir Peter Blake they won the America's Cup for the first time and sucessfully defended it in 2000. Under the skipper Glenn Ashby Emirates Team New Zealand won back the 'Auld Maug' in 2017 and will now defend it in 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Emirates Team New Zealand launched their first AC75 boat, the Te Aihe (Dolphin), on September 4 2019. About 4 months later on 22 January 2020 the team revealed their testing boat Te Kāhu (Hawk).

America's Cup 2017 Emirates Team New Zealand winning the Auld Mug trophy

(last updated: 10/2020)

Team Principal


Board of Directors

  • Kevin Shoebridge (Chief Operating Officer)


  • Boat Builder (Adam Riley)
  • Adrian Gray (Boat Builder)
  • Adrian Robb (Structural/Mechanical Engineer)
  • Andrea Joy (Administration)
  • Andy Kensington (Structural Engineer)
  • Andy Maloney (Sailor)
  • Andy Nottage (Logistics & Base Manager)
  • Blair Tuke (Sailor)
  • Bobby Kleinschmit (Naval Architect)
  • Brett Sheldon (Boat Builder)
  • Bryan Nieuwenhuyse (Tooling Engineer)
  • Budiyanto Walker (Boat Builder)
  • Burns Fallow (Sail Design)
  • Callum Jones (Boat Builder)
4 Sep 2019 - Emirates Team New Zealand Boat Launch Te Aihe - Americas Cup 2021
  • Cam Robinson (Boat Builder)
  • Carlo Huisman (Sailor)
  • Carsten Mueller (Hydraulics Engineer)
  • Chris Hickey (Material Engineer)
  • Chris Salthouse (on Water Operations Manager)
  • Cliff Pickwell (Boatbuilder)
  • Colin Palmer (Boat Builder)
  • Craig Dawson (Boat Builder)
  • Dan Bernasconi (Head of Design)
  • Dan Green (Boat Builder)
  • Dan Plews (Physical Performance)
  • Dave French (Machinist)
  • David Olsen (Structure Engineer)
  • Dean Karaitiana (Boat Builder)
  • Diana Mason (Administration)
  • Eduardo Sanchez (Draftsman)
  • Elise Beavis (Performance Engineer)
Emirates Team New Zealand Boat Launch Te Aihe (Dolphin), Americas Cup 2021
  • Finn Henry (Shore Crew)
  • Francois Nivelleau (Instrumentation Engineer)
  • Fraser Mcintosh (Designer)
  • Fred Meyrick (Boatbuilder)
  • Gareth Flett (Boatbuilder)
  • Geoff Senior (Construction Manager)
  • Ghasem Saleh (Boat Builder)
  • Glenn Ashby (Sailor)
  • Grant Dalton (CEO)
  • Greg Skinner (Draftsman)
  • Guillaume Verdier (Naval Architect)
  • Guy Endean (Sailor)
  • Hamish Hooper (Media and Communications)
  • Jack Taylor (on Shore Boat Captain)
  • James Graham (Shore Team Engineer)
  • Jamie Timms (Structural Engineer)
  • JC Monnin (Software Engineer)
  • Jeff Kim (Boat Builder)
  • Jeremy Mitchell (Boat Builder)
  • Jeremy Parker (Software Engineer)
  • Joe Sullivan (Sailor)
  • Jono Francis (Sailmaker)
  • Jose Mckinnon-cuervo (Boat Builder)
  • Josh Junior (Sailor)
  • Josh Vogels (Boat Builder)
  • Keith Peden (Boatbuilder)
  • Kevin Shoebridge (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Kurt Riechelmann (Boat Builder)
  • Louis Sinclair (Sailor)
  • Luke Elrick (Boat Builder)
2019 Te Aihe Boat Test Run - Emirates Team New Zealand, Americas Cup 2021
  • Luke Mcallum (Engineering)
  • Mark Borley (Boat Builder)
  • Martin Mcelwee (Production Coordinator)
  • Marty Yates (It Manager)
  • Matthew Morgan (Boat Builder)
  • Michael Rasmussen (Mechatronics Engineer)
  • Nick Hutchins (Performance Engineer)
  • Oscar Hamilton (Boat Builder)
  • Patrick Londeen (Boat Builder)
  • Peter Burling (Sailor)
  • Peter Ockleston (Boat Builder)
  • Peter Thomas (Project Manager)
  • Ray Davies (Sailor/Coach)
  • Richard Meacham (Platform Coordinator / Sailor)
  • Rob Salthouse (Rig Construction Coordinator)
  • Roger Badham (Meteorlogist)
  • Roger Frigola (Optimisation Engineer)
  • Roger Woodbury (Boat Builder)
  • Ross Haydon (Boat Builder)
  • Russell Green (Legal / Rules / Contracts)
  • Ryan Thomas (Mechatronics Engineer)
  • Scott Barnes (Hydraulics)
  • Scott Stokes (Build Facility Production Manager)
  • Sean Bull (Boat Builder)
  • Sean Regan (Shore Team Coordination)
  • Sean Siddells (Boat Builder)
  • Shaun Kerr (Boatbuilder)
  • Shevy Jones (Boat Builder)
  • Simon Corkery (Designer)
  • Simon Van Velthooven (Sailor)
  • Stefano Morosin (Electronics)
  • Steph Stubbs (Merchandise/Hr/Administration)
  • Steve Collie (Wing Coordinator)
  • Steven Ferguson (Sailor)
  • Thomas Khyn (Software Engineer)
  • Tim Charters (Boat Builder)
  • Tim Meldrum (Mechanical Engineer)
  • Timothy Collen (Boat Builder)
  • Timothy Lynch-blosse (Boat Builder)
  • Tom Waterhouse (Partnership & Commercial Manager)
  • Travis Jutson (Boatbuilder)
  • Vaughan Roberts (Build Facility Qa Manager)
  • Virginie Nivelleau (Instrumentation Engineer)
  • Vitto Vattuone (Hydraulics Engineer)

Emirates Team New Zealand website

Photos: courtesy of Emirates Team New Zealand